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Travel Outside the US during Your Year

Travel to Canada and Mexico does not a signed DS-2019, but a visa may be required. Prior to visiting any locations out of the US it is advised that you contact 800-448-5753 and visit for visa requirements for your specific travel destinations.

To get a DS-2019 signed you are required to print the form from your Online account, complete it, and mail it to Cultural Care Au Pair, they will complete their portion and mail it back to you. It takes minimum of 6 weeks to get this done so please plan accordingly.

Au pairs who want to travel outside the U.S. during their initial program year or as extension au pairs must pay close attention to travel restrictions placed on J-1 visitors. Leaving the U.S. often requires action on the part of the au pair before their departure.

Please also be aware that while on the program, au pairs are permitted to travel outside the U.S. for no more than 30 days at a time. It is important to keep this restriction in mind when making any travel plans.


The J-1 visa is not the same document as the DS-2019 form. The J-1 visa is the sticker that was pasted into the passport at the U.S. Embassy in the au pair’s home country. It includes information such as the au pair’s program dates, name, city, date of birth, and passport number.

If there is an “M” underneath the heading “Entries” on the visa stamp, this means the J-1 visa is a multiple entry visa. With this type of visa, an au pair can exit and re-enter the U.S. during the 12-month program provided that the required documentation is presented. Please be aware that au pairs may not leave the U.S. for more than 30 consecutive days during their program.

Prior to travel, the au pair must check the expiration date on their J-1 visa, located in the passport. The dates on the visa do not always correspond to the dates of the au pair program. Travel outside the U.S. is restricted by the dates on the J-1 visa.

Cultural Care Au Pair does not recommend traveling outside the U.S. during the last 6 weeks before the visa expiration date, as the au pair runs a higher risk of being denied re-entry into the U.S.

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